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  19 Oct 2018

Lynsey Hanley is right (We need to make growth work for all, 15 October). The everyday economy in which most of us are pitched is far less glamorous than the high-skill, high-tech ambitions espoused by the economic elite, yet its impact is far wider and the challenge it poses for now and future generations far greater.

It’s not only economists, however, who need to focus on foundational activities or the overlooked economy, it is the way services are organised that also must be changed. Society has to provide more efficient services that are renewed and replenished from the ground upwards. This means devolving power downwards, removing lines of management, eradicating paper systems and trusting and valuing the contribution that those working on the frontline of the everyday economy can make.

I’ve worked in low pay and poverty policy development, in national politics, and in management roles in local government and leadership roles in charities, and have found nothing more challenging than giving up power for the social good. The challenge for many Guardian readers is to stop the good talk and start the good work.
Dr Katharine Sutton
Aspire Community Works, London

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