Adams County deputy cleared in deadly shooting of teen

Adams County deputy cleared in deadly shooting of teen

  03 Nov 2018

An Adams County deputy who shot an armed teenager 13 times will not face any criminal charges in the deadly incident.

The Adams County district attorney’s office released a report Friday about the July 7 incident, in which 17-year-old Adrian Emmanuel Martinez was shot by Deputy Isaiah Acosta.

Martinez had pulled a Ruger 9mm handgun from his waistband and was pointing it at Acosta when the deputy fired, according to the district attorney’s report.

The incident started when deputies responded to 7028 Lipan St. on a report of a “pop-up party,” where people have a party at a vacant residence and post the gathering on social media. As deputies pulled up, two cars, including a Chrysler 300, pulled away.

A chase ensued and the Chrysler ran a red light at West 70th Avenue and Broadway, crashing into a Buick Enclave. Three males, including Martinez, jumped from the wrecked Chrysler and ran away.

Acosta, in a patrol car, spotted Martinez running through a parking lot. Martinez was looking back over his shoulder, tripped and fell to the ground, the report said. Acosta jumped from his car, and yelled: “Stay on the ground.”

Martinez reached into his wasitband and drew the handgun as he was getting up. Acosta drew his service weapon and fired, striking Martinez 13 times.

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